Real Estate Law

Don't Enter a Property Dispute Without Representation

Don't Enter a Property Dispute Without Representation

Trust a real estate lawyer in New Orleans, LA

Real estate law is more complicated than it seems. If you want help navigating the legal process, turn to Chesnut Law Firm. Our knowledgeable real estate lawyer can help sellers, buyers and real estate agents in New Orleans, LA and the surrounding area.

We offer a wide range of real estate law services relating to real estate purchases, rental properties and issues between tenants and landlords. Schedule a free consultation with our real estate lawyer today to discuss your case.

Not every real estate transaction will require a lawyer. However, you should work with a lawyer if:

  1. A seller backs out
  2. There was a breach of contract
  3. The property title was defective
  4. There was a fraudulent misrepresentation
  5. There was an action for a specific performance

Don't wait to get the real estate law services you need. Talk to our attorney about your case right away.